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The city of Granada has centuries of history mainly focused on two periods, Christian and Muslim. Granada is now a city known worldwide precisely for its intense history and the great diversity of the cultures that have populated it leaving their unique cultural relics.

Our experienced staff can help you with all your needs: information about Granada, nearby car parks, tickets to the Alhambra, schedules and information about the sights, timetables of different kinds of transportation and even trips around the province.
The Alhambra, named for its reddish walls, is located up in the hill of al-Sabika, on the left side of the Darro River, east of the city, facing the Albaicín and Alcazaba neighborhoods.

The fortress is composed of a set of palaces and gardens. In the past it housed a true citadel within the city of Granada itself, which served as accommodation for the monarch and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

Thanks to its strategic position, from the Alhambra you can enjoy spectacular views of the entire city and Granada.